Spring Staples: The White Blazer

I have 100% determined that a white blazer is THE key Spring wardrobe staple that is tying together every outfit for me right now with little to no thought. It's lending brightness and effortlessness to anything I put together; it's almost too easy. This particular blazer is silk crepe and hangs just so with a tuxedo cut and no buttons. I am in love. Consider this an official series/rampage of blog posts involving this blazer. Go get one; your chic will thank you for it.

| hat - Urban Outfitters | blazer, pants - Aritzia | tshirt - TopShop | bag - Rebecca Minkoff via Eluxe.ca | watch - Coach | shoes - Joe Fresh | 


check, check, 1, 2

I love stores like Winners and TJ Maxx, however I also believe that you need to be in the right frame of mind to comb over their wares and find a gem. I was in such a mood about a week ago and found these micro gingham print crop pants from Kate Spade in Winners. They are stretchy and delightful and will look great with a little sandal too.
Wearing prints on your lower half can be unflattering on even the most super model of people; so be sure to choose a shoe that elongates your legs, and keep everything quiet on top print wise. I tucked in this blouse to the front of my pants but left the back out to cover my behind and create some layers in the look.

| pants - Saturday by Kate Spade | blazer - Joe Fresh | blouse, heels - TopShop | sunglasses - Marc by Marc Jacobs | watch - Coach |


dot dot dot

I go through periods where I try to force myself to experiment with color combinations, but I always defer or go back to my black and white basics or neutrals. Not that the combination is broken by any stretch but in an attempt to avoid being tedious, I have been loving on this bold polka dot print blouse. It is the perfect longer length and has a great slim fit that can be tucked in.
If you were more color inclined that me, you could add a bright statement necklace over top or switch out the black bag for one of a springy color. Even the shoes could be colored since everything else remains grounded in black and white; much like my closet apparently!

| blouse, jeans, heels - TopShop | blazer - Joe Fresh | bag - Marc by Marc Jacobs | sunglasses - Target | 



Spring Stripes

Full disclosure: it was windy times while getting these photos resulting in dramatic hat holding that was actually just necessary to avoid losing a prized possession. Aside from that, the focus was to be on this lovely striped shift dress from TopShop. Whenever I even get a hint that Spring is happening, my stripes start to show. I am not a preppy person per se, but I am just fine with making obvious nautical references; sort of reminds me of 'The Devil Wears Prada' where Miranda rolls her eyes and says "florals...for Spring...groundbreaking".

| dress - TopShop Canada | boots - Sam Edelman | bag - Marc by Marc Jacobs | blazer - J Crew | hat - Urban Outfitters |


WEEKEND WEAR: Beautiful Basics

By now, I think it has been established that I am all about my basics. They are predominantly what I blog about; how to establish a wardrobe that is functional but still chic. Therefore, I will admit that I am slightly amused by the newly emerged trend/anti-trend NORMCORE. My best understanding of this backlash against extravagance and impracticality is to simply wear what you need to, when you need to, in order to allow you to accomplish the tasks that make up your life. To me this seems like a no-brainer; this is how I get dressed every day (my toddler sees to it)!
I know that practicality in fashion does not actually excite everyone, and that is just fine, but I am going to smile about my basics, hit the ground running (maybe literally in my sneakers) and get sh*t done!

| tshirt, jeans - TopShop Canada | scarf - Stella & Dot | shoes - Converse | aviators , purse - Target |